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Fire Camp Staff- Camp Managers

Posted on June 18, 2020



  • Frequent standing/walking/sitting
  •  Frequent computer usage
  • Occasional squatting, kneeling, bending
  • Able to lift up to 8.9 kg (20 lbs) occasionally and up to 4.4 kg (10 lbs) frequently





  • Must possess excellent communication, interpersonal, managerial (5 years minimum), leadership, organizational and supervisory skills.
  • Must possess Advanced Food Safe Certification , Standard First Aid Certification with CPR
  • Must be literate in the English language with reading and writing competency.
  • Must comply with the company drug & alcohol, and criminal background screening policies and procedures
  • Must be proficient in Camp Manager program, Word, Excel and Outlook
  • Must have experience with inventory control





  • Responsible for overall performance of the camp and ensuring exceptional customer satisfaction.
  • Direct communication with Customer’s Project Supervisors.
  • Record man-days on a per project basis, daily.  Obtain sign off by customer’s project supervisor, with all customer required coding.  Ensure documents are filled in accurately and completely.
  • Man-day Reports Requirements
  • Man-day reports are to be completed daily.  Ensure all man-day reports have the following:


  • Proper name
  • Job site location
  • Customer purchase order number and/or AFE number
  • Job site phone number
  • Date
  • Signature of customer


  • Ensuring man-day reports, inventory count and grocery order reports are submitted to Corporate Office weekly.
  • This task may be done via our internal CampManager program or via book work.
  • Obtain pre-approval for any extra charges to be incurred by the customer from both the customer site approver and customer corporate approvers. This would be done in conjunction with Western Camp Services Ltd. Head office personnel.
  • Ensuring that all Western Camp Services Ltd. Processes and Procedures are implemented and followed.
  • This includes but is not limited to ensuring WCS Quality, Health, Safety and Environment policies are followed. This is a major component of receiving a contract.
  • Responsible for the performance of all other Western Camp Services Ltd. staff at the campsite.
  • Working in conjunction with Chef to maintain budgetary requirements.
  • Contain internal issues without disruption to our valued customers.
  • Approving and reporting costs associated with auxiliary camp services including:


  • Fuel deliveries to main camp and contractor key-lock fuel storage.
  • Propane deliveries to main camp.
  • Rental for waste bins, enviro-bin & steel collection bin.
  • Cost of rental incinerator for main camp.
  • Portable water haul to main camp,
  • Well site rental for engineering staff.


  • Transferring water from auxiliary to main camp storage, if required.
  • Ensuring camp refuse is separated in an environmentally friendly manner.  Burnable waste to be incinerated and recyclable products placed in the enviro-bin.
  • Removal and appropriate disposal of ashes from the incinerator.
  • Segregating crews and other night shift workers in to designated quiet area accommodations.  Posting and policing of same.
  • Posting of camp rules in common camp areas visible to all residents.
  • Assist operations with gathering information regarding any accident investigations as it pertains to WCB Management.
    • Any other duties as assigned by the Food Service Manager.
    • Represent Western Camp Services in a manner that represents and holds true to our core values and standards.



“Teamwork is the key to success!”


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