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Observation Card Winners – February 2015

March 6, 2015

Dallas Y – Camp 72 – While checking the fire extinguishers in camp, Dallas noticed somebody had wrapped a cloth towel around a plastic light globe causing the globe to partially melt. Dallas brought he issue to the attention of the 1st Cook who removed the melted globe. The issue was discussed with the remaining staff and all were reminded that we should always keep our eyes open for potential hazards and ensure the hazards are properly controlled.

Honorable Menion – Jay M – Camp 73 – Jay went to use a spray bottle with a workplace WHMIS label attached to the bottle. The workplace label was not completed properly as it only had the chemical name on the label; the sections for PPE and the WHMIS classification were not completed. Jay took the time to review the appropriate MSDS information and completed the label appropriately.

Posted in: Safety (HSE)