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First Nations Initiatives

At Western Camp, members of our senior management team initiate personal dialog with Aboriginal communities. This has led to a sincere respect for Aboriginal culture and tradition.

Effective consultation has also resulted in a mutual benefit to both.


Western Camp Services’ vision is to encourage beneficial and rewarding relationships with Aboriginal communities and their members by creating an environment with trust and integrity that also attracts, recruits and retains driven and talented employees.


This vision will be accomplished through a mutual understanding of each others’ strengths, traditions, roles and responsibilities. Discussions encourage participation related to common areas of interest and responsibility such as environment, safety and joint economic opportunities.  Ultimately, our goal is to create and maintain long-term relationships with Aboriginal communities in all areas of our operations.

Sustainable Relationships

Western Camp Services has been successful in creating economic benefits for a number of Aboriginal communities and will continue to seek opportunities, along with Aboriginal partners for future involvement.

We are proud that our recruiting efforts within Aboriginal communities throughout Canada has resulted in an Aboriginal employment ratio of approximately 30% of all Western  personnel. These valued employees have been trained in various disciplines and several have taken advantage of our apprenticeship program for Cooks.

This valuable partnership not only enhances our personnel resources but more importantly empowers Aboriginal Peoples to play an active role in shaping their future.