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Camp Management

Since every client has unique needs, we take the time to help you build a complete solution when it comes to accommodations and support services.

Through our proposal process, we walk you through all of the necessary components and clearly outline all aspects of our agreement.

From fully-managed camps to tailored solutions that meet your budget, you determine what you want us to take care of and what you want to handle yourselves.

  • Camp management – do you need a full time Camp Manager to oversee and ensure first class catering and housekeeping?
  • Camp maintenance – in addition to setting up and having your camp fully operational, Western can provide a full time maintenance man to keep everything running smooth (from fuel supply and sewage to power and water, etc.)
  • Meal service – we’ll work together to plan the hours of service, special dietary concerns and even whether or not bag lunches will be offered; you’ll be impressed by our professional catering personnel and our delicious meals!

Food Services

At Western Camp Services, premium quality is standard. We never settle for less. Our brand name and highest grade groceries and supplies are purchased from distribution leaders and delivered fresh. Our food preparation and servings areas are meticulous. And our entire hospitality program is overseen by a master chef who takes great pride in his craft and his staff.

Don’t just take our word for it! See what our clients have to say about Western Camp…