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Observation Card Winners – December 2015

January 18, 2016

Chanell H – Camp 140 – Upon entering the laundry room, Chanell noticed a client had left their duffle bag 5 cm (2 inches) away from the propane pilot light and burners for the hot water tank. Chanell immediately moved the flammable bag away from the hot water tank and reported the situation to the Camp Manager. An Incident investigation took place with the corrective measures implemented to help prevent this from happening again along with the distribution of an alert bulletin (Dec. 29th, 2015).

Lana S – Camp 63 – On Lana’s first day in camp, she was in the process of entering the water storage building when she noticed an electric space heater sitting in a puddle of water. She immediately unplugged the space heater and elevated it off the ground by using a milk crate.

Honourable Mention – Cynthia L – Camp 61 – On arriving at camp for the first time, Cynthia noticed that the main entrance metal steps were creating a tripping hazard as the steps were not positioned properly. With the help of the other staff onsite, the steps were repositioned and the tripping hazard was eliminated.

Posted in: Safety (HSE)