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Staff Resources

Observation Card Winners – April

October 24, 2012

Lendo L—Camp 195

Observed outside boots being left in the hallway near the emergency exit of a dorm creating a tripping hazard. Lendo repositioned the boots to eliminate the tripping hazard and left a note for the owner of the boots reminding them of the safety hazard and to take them to their room. The boots were removed the following day by the owner and haven’t been seen by the emergency exit again.

Linda A—Camp 160

Observed a staff member using toilet bowl cleaner in a spray bottle to clean showers. Linda reviewed the MSDS and noted the chemical should not be used or placed on toilet lids, vanities, sinks, bathtubs, cabinets, countertops, rugs, floors, etc and do not breath the vapour from the cleaner. As the chemical was placed into a spray bottle, the toilet bowl cleaner was being vapourized causing a major safety concern. Linda stopped the staff member and discussed the situation with the staff member and the toilet bowl cleaner is now only being used for its intended purpose of cleaning toilets.

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