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Staff Resources

Staff Guide for the Week of October 29

October 31, 2012

I was hoping to get a little feedback on whether this message is helpful or if you don’t actually utilize any of this information. If there is anything you would like to see added that you believe would be helpful information, please let me know and I would love to add it (or removed if it is not helpful).

Here is the guide for this week. There are a couple changes so please as always delete all old guides and use this one for your orders next week.  Here is the help email for this week, there haven’t been any updates but if you haven’t read it maybe there is some helpful information that you might need. As these are the issues people tend to have consistently:

  1. Orders labeled by the week they are for. Every week when I send a guide I send the week # we are in. If you could use this when you label your orders that you send to me that would make it easier for you to keep track of. Example: This week Camp 140’s order should be labeled 140-13-05. (Camp 195 & 160 you would put a M or T after each of yours to indicate your Monday or Thursday order)
  2. When you are doing an order or your inventory please do not put zero’s in if you have none. If you don’t have any of a particular product leave the cell blank.
  3. If you are placing an order and there is no cost in the Total Cost column then you are ordering nothing. If you have you quantity in the right column it will show up with a total cost.
  4. Any inventories that you do (Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly) MUST be done on a guide and emailed in to both Tony and myself.
  5. If you have any spoilage it would be preferable that you do them on an order guide as opposed to the spoilage log and send to Tony and myself.
  6. Reports is not where you should place orders for anything (food, smallwares, linens or large equipment) the reports are for concerns or problems. If you are looking for something to be sent out to you, please place it on the proper form and send in to myself, Bob or Tony.
  7. If you have pallets to be returned with the driver you must tell him as he will think that they are ours and leave them at site otherwise.
  8. **********I have attached the credit policy with this email as well. This needs to be posted at all sites so everyone knows how to send in a proper credit. All of the information I need in order to get you a credit is in this policy. If you do not send in proper information it makes it very difficult for me to get a credit processed. ************
  9. If you cannot find something on the guide there is a way to search: If you hit CTRL then F a box will pop up on your screen and you can type in what you are looking for.

Example: If I can’t find Peanut Butter 10kg on the guide. I would type in peanut and it will search for all of the items that have peanut in them. There may be more than 1 item on the guide with peanut in the description so you may have to hit FIND NEXT in order to get what you are looking for.

I know this seems like a lot but I believe that it will be very helpful. I do realize some of you may know this information already but others do not. I really hope this will help make your work easier. Have a great day!


Jessica Zaychuk, Inventory Data Clerk

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