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Western Blog

Christmas Message

December 11, 2013

What is Christmas?


Christmas is remembering and celebrating your faith in the Lord.

Christmas is your dad crawling up on the roof in a blizzard to make sure all the lights are working so Santa Claus can find your house.

Christmas is helping your Mom bake hundreds of Christmas cookies and making sure to leave just enough out Christmas Eve.

Christmas is braving the crowded shopping malls and the snowy roads to make sure your loved ones get that one perfect gift off their list.

Christmas is donating time, warm clothes, blankets, food, and toys to those less fortunate.

Christmas is sitting around the table with your family sharing stories and memories and enjoying an amazing Christmas feast.

In all the hustle and bustle of the busy season we often get stressed about time, about money, and about making sure Christmas goes off without a bow in place. We often forget to enjoy the little things like the snow falling perfectly on Christmas morning as you enjoy breakfast, the smells that fill your house through out the day. And the people you spend your Christmas day with making memories and filling your heart with happiness and joy.

From the Western Family we want to wish you a safe and stress free Holiday Season and a Very, Merry Christmas!

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