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Western Blog

Working Together

February 2, 2015

Have you ever wondered who writes the rules? The safety rules, that is? Has it ever occurred to you that maybe those people who wrote the rules just don’t have a clue as to what’s really going on out in the field, or out in camp or in the world for that matter?

Well let’s take a look at these people who wrote the rules: It was the guy we’ve all heard about who cut his hand for five stiches while slicing food at the light speed and made a small error in judgement. He was helped by the maintenance person who didn’t have the time to go back to the lunch room to put on their fall protection equipment that fell off the roof and broke his leg. They both got advice from the camp attendant who strained her back while changing the bed sheets by over reaching over the bed and pulling really hard on the tucked in bed sheets.

I think you get my point here. If not, then let me put it another way: Each and every safety rule came about because someone was hurt, maimed or killed. Their misfortune contributed to our knowledge of how accidents happen and how to avoid them. Rules came into being in order to help you avoid a similar accident or injury. We are all very interested in your safety. It has provided you with the tools, equipment and working conditions that will help you do your best. But in return, certain things are expected you. It’s expected you will cooperate in abiding by the rules, in assisting your fellow workers with a willing attitude, by helping other staff work safely and by your valuable comments and suggestions. It also looks for your cooperation by maintaining your physical fitness to perform your job, by not showing up sick or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and by getting the proper rest at night.

By all of us working together, a win-win situation is created that benefits everyone involved. The most obvious benefit is a safer and more productive work place. So you see, safety rules benefit everyone. By all of us working together to ensure a safe working environment, you are, in many ways, ensuring your own physical and financial well-being. It is not just a tired old phrase to say SAFETY FIRST. In fact it’s the only phrase that makes sense when it comes to getting the job done, on time, under budget and, most importantly, a happier, healthier you when it’s complete.


Posted in: Safety (HSE)