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Chef's Corner

The Western Ruebenny – Courtesy of Chef James

March 20, 2013

A twist on the old Corn Beef & Cabbage…try this at home for an Irish Brunch!


4 whole English muffins, split and buttered

Zesty creole mustard to taste (can use Dijon)

8 slices swiss or edam cheese (thinly cut)

12 ozs shaved corn beef (warmed)

6 ozs sauerkraut (squeezed of excess liquid)

8 large eggs

Hollandaise sauce (packaged but homemade is the best)


Toast or grill English muffins. Poach eggs in water with a splash of vinegar until desired doneness. Dress muffins with mustard, top with sauerkraut, then corn beef, then egg and finally cheese. Place lid on top of for a few seconds to melt cheese. Top with hollandaise and serve with fresh fruit. Enjoy!



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